Monday, April 11, 2016

3 months in Cordoba, Spain

We are back in Cordoba, Spain for the next three months to continue developing our collaborations. We are focused both on research interests of plant ecology - hydrology and to establish formal research and training that focuses the ecohydrology of the James and Guadalquivir rivers for better predictions of ecological consequences to sea-level rise. As coastal plant ecologists, we have a great understanding of salinity effects on functional responses of plant communities. As part of the Virginia Coast Reserve, we work with many physical and environmental scientists to fully understand the ecological - physical feedbacks and interactions in barrier islands. We are partnered with Professor Maria Jose Polo, an excellent hydrologist at the University of Cordoba (UCO), and will continue establishing relationships with other UCO ecologists and physical scientists to expand our understanding to riverine systems and associated terrestrial communities. In addition to our work, we will also learn the language and the surrounding environment to fully appreciate the issues and importance of global change to other communities.

On a personal note, we are here with both of our children and have found the city and country to be very kid friendly. As a science mom for over 9 years and partner of a scientist, we have taken (now both) children on travel - whether to scientific meetings or to foreign countries for work. Every time I have visited Spain, I have never felt awkward or out of place having the children with me. Here, they are very accepted.

Driving into Cordoba

Outside the botanical gardens

 Lunch at La Casa del Agua - notice all the children

Flowers are already in bloom

In the historic district

Outside the Mezquita-Catedral of Cordoba
Read more about it here - fascinating history!